Focus on Flexible Electronics and Printed Displays


This year’s special topics of interest are 3D, Green Technologies, Solid-State Lighting, and Flexible Electronics and Printed Displays.  Attendees at Display Week 2012 will be given the opportunity to attain a comprehensive learning experience in these special topics of interest by listening to presentations during the four-day technical symposium, attending the Sunday Short Courses and Monday Seminars, and getting a business perspective from the Business and Investors Conferences and the Market Focus Conferences.


Flexible Electronics and Printed Displays

Recent advances in the area of flexible electronics and printed displays have created the potential for lightweight, low-cost, and flexible devices based on technologies such as oxide TFT, organic light-emitting diode (OLED), and organic photovoltaics (OPV). This is the first year that SID has dedicated sessions to flexible electronics and printed displays; among the exciting work that will be described at the Symposium are the printing of organic TFTs and a new way to use high-temperature processes on low-temperature substrates.


This year's symposium includes the following sessions:


  • Oxide TFTs

  • Oxide-TFT Manufacturing

  • e-Paper I & II

  • Oxide AMOLED Displays

  • Flexible TFTs

  • Printed Displays and Electronics I, II, & III

  • Flexible Processes


This years Sunday Short Courses and Monday Seminar series includes the following relevant seminars:


·         Fundamentals of Flexible-Display Technology

·         Flexible-Display Technologies

·         Flexible Display Types and Applications


Also, the Business Conference will give attendees a perspective of how game-changing technologies such as oxide-TFT-based OLEDs, MEMS, and electrowetting will impact the display marketplace.


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