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This Special Topic will cover OLEDs specialized for TV applications. Submissions were encouraged on all aspects of advanced OLED TV technologies, including novel device structures, backplane technologies, manufacturing processes, deposition techniques, mask fabrication, encapsulation, driving methods, and next-generation applications.

• Device Structure of OLEDs (Specialized in High Efficiency, Reliability, etc.)
• Backplane Technologies for OLED TV
• Novel OLED Manufacturing Processes for OLED TV
• Deposition Technology for OLED TV
• Mask-Fabrication Technology for OLED TV
• Novel Encapsulation Technology for OLED TV
• Driving Methods for OLED TV
• Next-Generation TV Applications (Flexible, Transparent, etc.)


Session Paper Author(s)
53.2 Advanced Technologies for Large-Sized OLED TV Chang-Wook Han, LG Display Co., Ltd., Kyunggi-do, South Korea
ABSTRACT: Large-sized OLED displays require advanced technologies to realize mass production. The competitiveness of OLED TV comes from the combination of oxide TFTs and WRGB OLED technology. Those technologies include image quality of OLED TV, Oxide TFTs, WOLEDs, and solid-phase encapsulation that enable panel-size scalability and mass production with lifetime reliability.
58.3 Highly Reliable InGaZnO TFT Backplane for 55-in. 4K x 2K OLED Displays Hiroshi Hayashi, Panasonic AVC Networks Company, Himeji, Japan
ABSTRACT: An InGaZnO (IGZO) TFT backplane for large-sized high-resolution organic light-emitting-diode (OLED) displays has been developed. The uniformity of TFT characteristics and stability was improved by using uniform IGZO composition realized by controlling the ion-bombardment direction. A 55-in. 4K x 2K OLED display was successfully demonstrated from a Gen 8.5 backplane production line.

For a complete listing of OLED TV papers, click here.

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