As a Display Week participant, you recognize the importance of face-to- face interaction in discussing technology, applications, and product development. Similarly, Display Week is the place to get your product and brand messaging through to prospective buyers. Discover the power of sponsorship in promoting brand recognition and impressing your products' value proposition on systems integrators and other buyers.

Sponsorship opportunities exist for companies of all sizes and budgets. Whether you are looking to increase brand recognition, reinforce your reputation as an industry leader, or establish new business, a Display Week sponsorship will help you achieve your goals.

Display Week 2016 Sponsorship Brochure

Don’t miss this opportunity to make your company stand out with a unique, eye-catching sponsorship!

Various Pricing, 5 available
Put your message on a banner strategically placed in the lobby of the San Francisco Moscone Convention Center.

•Vertical 8 x 8 - $2,200 (1 available); Vertical 8 x 10 - $2,600 (1 available); Vertical 8 x 14 - $3,300 (one available); Horizontal 15 x 6 - $3,500 (1 remaining).
•Single-sided banner location to be discussed with sales person.
•Display Week handles the hanging and dismantling as part of the fee.
•All banners must have pole pockets. Pole pockets must be stitched 4” from the top and bottom.
•Additional cost if you want banner to be produced by Show Management. Artwork Deadline: April 22, 2016.
$25,000 entire staircase until 1/1/16; $9,500 - 3 vertical locations available beginning 1/1/16
Your graphics will be placed on the main       staircase from the lobby level to the exhibit level. These are used by all attendees as they travel to and from the exhibit hall and other locations. This opportunity provides close-hand exposure to the audience throughout the show.
•Display Week produces and installs the stair graphics (sponsor provides artwork).
•One complete staircase, 57 steps - 188" x 6 1/4".
•Each vertical staircase is 90" W x 6 1/4" H. 
$2,800 - single column
Your company graphics will be placed on one of the columns in the lobby of the Convention Center, which will be seen by all attendees and exhibitors as they enter. This opportunity provides excellent exposure to attendees and exhibitors throughout the show.
•Display Week will produce and install the column wrap (sponsor to provide artwork).
•12' 10 3/4" W x 8' H banner column wraps.
BADGE LANYARDS - EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY $15,000 Let Display Week exhibitors and attendees do the advertising for you. Display Week will produce approximately 7,500 lanyards printed with your company logo and distributed with each badge for Display Week 2016. Your company name goes everywhere badge-wearing attendees go.
•One (1) color logo recognition on the lanyard.
•Exposure to all Display Week attendees and exhibitors – lanyards will be distributed with badge holders at registration.
$1,095 per sponsor logo (only 12 opportunities available) Semi-exclusive (6 opportunities) sponsorship is $6,500
Always in high demand, the official Display Week Tote Bag is distributed to each of the 2,000+ expected attendees at the Display Week 2016 technical sessions. As a Tote Bag sponsor, your logo will be printed on one side of each bag, giving your company tremendous exposure and identifying you as a proud sponsor of Display Week 2016, both during the conference and afterwards. Artwork Deadline: February 12, 2016.
•One (1) color logo recognition on one side of the attendee bag.
•Display Week will produce and distribute bags to all technical conference attendees.
LOBBY NETWORKING LOUNGE - EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY $6,500 The Lobby Networking Lounge is a 20’ x 90’ carpeted area with chairs and round tables where attendees can take a break to eat or sit and meet with other attendees. Your company name and logo will be located on a 20' x 6' hanging sign and on the number 2 sides of the lounge with two-sided meter panels. Artwork Deadline: April 22, 2016.  
$2,500 per item
Have your company logo on every conference bag and on everyone’s business briefcase or luggage as well. As the sponsor of the Display Week “Bag Tag” you have the opportunity to hang around everyone’s business. For only $2,500 your company brand will be carried all around the world. Every Bag Tag will be handed out at the Registration counter and automatically attached to every Display Week conference bag. You can supply the tag or we can produce them for you at an additional cost. Contact Jim or Sue for details.
$1,500 per item
To ensure that your corporate identity has staying power, sponsor a novelty item that will be placed in the official Display Week 2016 Tote Bag. The tote bag will be distributed to every person who attends the technical sessions, so calendars, stress balls, key chains, or any other item with your logo on it will keep your brand name at the fingertips of the 2,000+ expected attendees at the technical sessions. You may supply your own product, subject to Display Week approval, or we can assist with producing the item for you at an additional charge.
•Provide one (1) insert in the tote bag.
•Display Week will stuff bag.
•Show management must pre-approve all items before they are added to bags.
•Insert/novelty item must be received no later than May 6, 2016, in the GES warehouse.
Attendees will write on notepads with your logo pre-printed on each sheet and then use the pads to pass along information to their colleagues back at the office long after the show closes!
•Notepads will be distributed at the registration counters and the technical session rooms.
•Display Week will produce the notepads with a one-color logo.
Every attendee gets a pen, uses it every day at the show, then takes it home and carries it around as a constant reminder of your company all year long. This is the “take-away” that you will WANT people to steal!
•Sponsor to provide pens with logos.
•Pens will be placed in the registration area for all attendees and exhibitors, as well as in the technical session rooms and at all information counters.
ESCALATOR CLING $4,500 PER ESCALATOR SIDE OR $8,500 FOR 2 FULL ESCALATOR SIDES; 8 OPPORTUNITIES For maximum exposure, there’s no safer bet than positioning your brand on the building escalators in the convention center! Showcase your company everywhere the attendees go at Display Week. Artwork deadline: April 22, 2016.
•Escalator dimensions are 708 3/4" W x 26" H.
•4 escalator sides are available for the exclusive sponsorship.            
•8 locations are available for the individual sponsorship.
•Exhibitor to create and provide all advertisements.
ESCALATOR FLOOR DECALS $3,000 (5 x 10) 4 OPPORTUNITIES These floor graphics will be placed in front of the two main escalators at the top and bottom of the escalators and will be visible to all attendees and exhibitors as they move from the upper and lower lobbies.
•Display Week produces and installs the floor decals (sponsor provides artwork).             
•Each floor decal is 5' x 10'. Artwork deadline: April 22, 2016.            
Popular Internet and e-mail stations are available to attendees. Display Week provides space in a high traffic area of the convention center for attendees and exhibitors to check their e-mail and surf the web. The sponsor’s logo is featured on both the computer screen and on signage at the internet kiosks.

The addition of the charging station sponsorship allows attendees to recharge the batteries in their cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. This is a sponsorship for which attendees will be truly grateful! Artwork deadline: April 22, 2016.
TWO-SIDED ADVERTISING (METER) PANELS $1,200 (always popular) These “indoor printed billboards” are sure to attract the eye of participants as they walk through the registration area and entrance to the exhibit hall. They are 39” wide x 96” high, with a printable area of 39” wide x 90” high. There is a 6” tall base.
•Display Week produces, installs, and dismantles panels (sponsor provides artwork; exact location to be determined by Display Week Show Management).
•Artwork Deadline: April 22, 2016.
Every exhibitor and attendee in the exhibit hall will see your company name on the overhead signs listing the booth numbers in that aisle. These signs are double-sided and 2’ high by 4’ wide. Each aisle will have 1 sign, for a total of 15 signs. This is one of the most visible sponsorships we offer. Attendees and exhibitors will see your logo in a prominent location all day long.
•Display Week produces and installs the aisle signs (sponsor provides artwork).
•Artwork Deadline: April 22, 2016.
The Innovation Zone (I-Zone) is a forum for live demonstrations of emerging information display technologies. The I-Zone is a separate area in the main exhibit hall, which is set off by an I-Zone banner overhead that will bear your company’s logo, and draped rails. The I-Zone always attracts large numbers of attendees. This sponsorship associates your company with one of the most exciting and cutting-edge aspects of Display Week.
These carpet stickers will be placed inside the two main entrances of the exhibit hall and will be visible to all attendees and exhibitors as they enter the 2015 exhibit hall.
•Display Week produces and installs the carpet stickers (sponsor provides artwork).
•Each floor decal is 5’ x 5’.
•Artwork Deadline: April 22, 2016.
BENCH ADVERTISING $795 for 2 park benches, 10 benches available There will be 10 park benches along the main aisle of the exhibit floor, arranged in 5 pairs. Company advertising will be placed on a lamppost between 2 park benches on 2-sided panels, with 18 sq. ft. of advertising area. There will be one lamppost between every 2 benches. Artwork Deadline: April 22, 2016.
MEDIA BREAKFASTS AND MEDIA LUNCHES $5,900 (per breakfast) and $5,900 (per lunch) Your company can get its message out to a captive (and hungry) media audience by sponsoring one of the media breakfasts or lunches in the Press Room at Display Week 2016. During your sponsored function, your company can make a 30-minute presentation regarding new products or anything else you wish to discuss with the media. We will help you promote your sponsorship of media meals via our media distribution list. Breakfast sponsorships are available Wednesday and Thursday, May 25 and 26; lunch sponsorships are available Tuesday and Wednesday, May 24 and 25.  
(great networking opportunity)
The Annual Awards Luncheon on Wednesday during the show is one of the major highlights of Display Week. The Display Industry Awards honor the most important new commercially available display technology. The Best in Show Awards pay tribute to the most exciting exhibits at the show, and the Best Prototype Award is given to the most outstanding technology in the Innovation Zone. The Awards Luncheon sponsor will receive recognition from the President of SID and will have the opportunity to place literature on the chairs of all luncheon attendees. A banner will be prominently placed in the luncheon room to recognize the sponsoring company.  
Starting at $27,500
Become an exclusive sponsor of the Display Week 2016 Special Networking Event. The Special Networking Event is a highlight of every Display Week. Your company will be recognized as the sponsor of a fun, high-profile, off-site event where hundreds of Display Week’s most enthusiastic and influential attendees will be socializing and in a positive frame of mind.

Exclusive Special Networking Event sponsor will receive:

•Recognition as sole sponsor, as announced in a press release, Display Week website, and through other media such as email blasts.
•Prominent signage at the event.
• Opportunity to make a short presentation to the attendees of the event.
•50 free tickets for employees and customers.
•A table to promote your company, and to distribute literature or premiums (supplied by sponsor).
 2015's Special Networking Event was held at the Museum of Art in San Jose.

Take advantage of this opportunity to expose your brand to all SID attendees as they head into the Display Week 2016 exhibition. A Post-it note with your corporate identity will be on the cover of the official Display Week 2016 Show Directory. Exclusive opportunity! Artwork deadline: April 22, 2016.  

Attendees consult Display Week’s Exhibit Guide & Show Directory time and again throughout the week and throughout the following year. An advertisement in the Exhibit Guide enables your company to stand out from the rest.
•Exhibitor Rate $995 (full page) or $750 (half page)
•Non-Exhibitor Rate $2,800 (full page) or $1,800 (half page)

Have your banner ad seen by thousands of display industry professionals who search the Display Week website before, during, and after the event. Use either an image or a gif animation; see specs for details. Attendees, exhibitors, and media scour the site for the latest news and information on the show, including online registration, travel booking services, seminar descriptions, press releases, and exhibitor information. Your company message can appear every day on our website.
•Web banner ad on the 2016 Display Week website 
•Location of ad determined by Display week Show Mgmt.
•Location subject to change and ad may be placed on a rotation schedule.
•See advertising specs here           
EXHIBIT GUIDE COMPANY LOGO $95 Your black-and-white company logo can be added to your free listing in the 2016 Display Week exhibit guide. For only $95, make your listing stand out with your company’s unique logo placed alongside the name, address, and description of your company in the exhibit guide.  
$12,000 (new app for 2016)
The 2016 Display Week mobile app will place everything Display Week at the attendee’s fingertips — technical sessions, event schedules, floor plan, and more. Attendees can also use it to create their own personalized agendas. The mobile app is free to all smartphone users attending Display Week May 22 - 27, 2016. Sponsor this essential event tool and your company logo and hyperlink will appear prominently whenever the app is used. Available to attendees March through June.  

Display Week 2016

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Special Topics
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Digital-Signage Display Solutions
TFTs and Display Circuits on Plastic Substrates
Vehicle Displays and User-Interface Technology

Wearable Displays

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Display Week 2016 Exhibition Hours
Tuesday, May 24 10:30 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday, May 25 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday, May 26 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Contacts for exhibits and sponsorships:
  Jim Buckley
Exhibition and Sponsorship Sales, Europe and Americas
Phone +1 (203) 502-8283
  Sue Chung
Exhibition and Sponsorship Sales, Asia
Phone +1 (408) 489-9596
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