This page provides information for accepted poster authors for SID's Display Week 2022 virtual Symposium. 

This acceptance is subject to three conditions: (1) all company or government releases must have been obtained; (2) the paper shall be in agreement with SID copyright rules; (3) the SID DIGEST material and forms must be submitted by March 15, 2021.
Illustrated text of all symposium papers will appear in the Display Week ‘22 DIGEST OF TECHNICAL PAPERS. This document enjoys a worldwide distribution that includes many scholarly libraries. Unless otherwise instructed, your paper may be included in other SID publications or referred to in publicity releases for Display Week 2022. The DIGEST format allows up to four pages per paper including text and illustrations combined. Please note that the Symposium Digest of Technical Papers will not be released to the general public in any form until the first day of Display Week.


Please view all three of the following sections when preparing and submitting your paper:

I. Templates

Author Guidelines Digest Specifications

For questions about templates, please contact Bill Klein, email:

II. Paper Submission and Forms

Digest Paper Submission