Following are guidelines and requirements for granting media credentials for Display Week 2023, May 21-26, 2023. The Society for Information Display (SID) is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for Display Week 2023 employees, attendees and participants. We will observe safety and health guidelines as recommended by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

SID reserves the right to limit registration to no more than two persons from the same news or media outlet, or market research organization. Media credentials will not be granted to the following: CEOs, VPs, financial analysts, managers, sales executives, account representatives, PR representatives, publicists, marketing directors, administrators, consultants, authors, or researchers; or anyone whose principle purpose in attending this event is, in our judgment, for reasons other than gathering details, interviews, and/or photos for a news report or feature story.

A history of being registered at previous SID events does not guarantee approval or waive the accreditation requirement. Misconduct or misrepresentation of position and/or publication/media/analyst/research organization will bar you and your organization from all future SID events. We reserve the right to modify this policy without public notice or revoke previously issued SID accreditation and/or event registration at any time.

Print Media:

For print media, you must have written one or more articles about the display industry or display technology-related articles within the past six months. If you attended Display Week in the past, you must have provided editorial coverage to be considered for credentials.

Broadcast Media:

For broadcast media general assignment reporters, please provide a letter from the producer of your network/station that states you are covering Display Week on assignment; or a press photo ID or business card from your media outlet. (Please scan and include with application.)

Online Media:

For online media, please provide a masthead from a current issue of a display industry or display technology online publication or blog listing you as an editorial contributor; or a copy of a display industry or display technology article or blog post published within the past six months. Please note: Personal YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media pages/accounts, personal blogs, community associations, forums and user groups will not be considered for media accreditation.

Freelancers and Video Production Companies:

For freelancers and video production companies, please provide a letter from the editor/producer on station/network letterhead or from a company email address that states you are covering the Society for Information Display (SID) or Display Week on assignment and proof of regular freelance journalism activity (one or more published pieces/broadcasts within the past four months). Please note: production crews hired to record or film exhibitor(s) at Display Week will not be considered for media accreditation and must register as attendees.

Market Analysts:

For market analysts, please demonstrate one or more display industry or display technology articles published within the past six months quoting you as an industry analyst/spokesperson; or provide the cover of a market research report on the display industry or display technology from the past six months listing you as a contributor. Note: Complimentary registration for market analysts is limited to two analysts from each firm. Analysts from financial firms (buy/sell side) do not qualify and must register as attendees.