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The Secrets of Entrepreneurship

Our 2023 CEO Forum at Display Week features three technology leaders who will talk about what it takes to start your own business and keep it afloat. Please join Harit Doshi of Omniply Technologies, Yun-Li (Charles) Li of PlayNitride, and HD Vo of InMapz, Inc., as they discuss both the highs and the lows of the entrepreneurial journey.

Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Time: 3:30 pm
Room: Center Stage


Harit Doshi

Co-Founder, CEO

Omniply Technologies

Harit Doshi is a co-founder and CEO at Omniply Technologies. He previously served as senior vice president at AerNos. Prior to that he was general manager for E Ink’s Digital Signage Business Unit. Doshi has held various R&D positions at E Ink and at Corning, Inc. At E Ink, he played an instrumental role in developing and launching the world’s first electrophoretic e-Reader to the marketplace, which enabled the company’s explosive revenue growth. Doshi is currently serving on SID’s board as secretary and conventions chair for Display Week. He was I-Zone chair from 2016-2019, during which time the I-Zone doubled in size and became one of the highlights for Display Week. He became Display Week exhibition chair in 2020 during uncertain times, spearheading the transition to a virtual exhibition. Doshi holds a BS in chemical engineering from Pune University, India, and an MS in materials science from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.

Yun-Li (Charles) Li



Yun-Li (Charles) Li is the CEO and co-founder of PlayNitride, established by Li and his partners in 2014, and now in Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. Under Li’s leadership, PlayNitride retains a leadership position in the development and production of microLED display technology. He received his PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2003. His PhD work focused on GaN-based LEDs and LED-based applications. In 2020, SID recognized Li and his team with a Special Recognition Award for their development and commercialization of microLED technology.

HD Vo 

Founder, CEO

InMapz, Inc.

HD Vo is the founder and CEO of InMapz, Inc., an indoor mapping software platform for the facilities management industry. He is a serial tech entrepreneur and a multiple patent holder.  His business background started when he was eight years old, delivering coffee to shops in Vietnam. He has co-founded four tech companies. His passion for tech started in high school when he learned how to program. He went to MIT, where he worked on image processing and speech recognition. Vo started his formal career at PCSI, where he helped build the world’s first wireless data modem. He earned his BS and MS in electrical engineering from MIT, and his MBA from Northwestern Kellogg School of Management.


Chair and Moderator

Tara Akhavan

CEO, Faurecia IRYStec

Tara Akhavan is a visionary award-winning technology entrepreneur and pioneer in the field of perceptual display processing for the consumer and automotive industry. She is the CEO of Faurecia IRYStec, Inc., (formerly known as IRYStec, Inc.), an innovation center that was acquired by Faurecia in April 2020. Tara founded IRYStec in 2015 and served as CTO for five years to introduce eye-friendly display technology to the automotive industry. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, a master’s degree in artificial intelligence, and a Ph.D. in image processing and computer vision from Vienna University of Technology. Akhavan is the Canadian committee member for the International Committee for Illumination (CIE) and the marketing vice chair for the Society for Information Display. She was recognized as an Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 by EoY Canada and as the founder of Top 20 Innovative Start-Ups in Canada in 2018 by CIX, Canada’s largest investor conference.