Special Topics


As growing and multi-faceted fields, work relating to the special topics can fit under a number of different symposium topics, including Active-Matrix Displays, Applications, Applied Vision/Human Factors, Display Electronics, Display Manufacturing, Display Measurement, Display Systems, Emissive Displays, e-Paper and Flexible Displays, Lighting, Liquid-Crystal and Other Non-Emissive Displays, OLEDs, Projection, Touch and Interactivity, and Vehicular Displays and HMI Technologies. While the special topical sessions will be arranged in a unified program for the benefit of attendees, authors should indicate the appropriate symposium topic for their abstract in addition to the special-topic designation (if appropriate). The Society for Information Display (SID) encourages the submission of original papers on all aspects of the research, engineering, application, evaluation, and utilization of displays. Display Week 2016 will feature special topical sessions that focus specifically on selected issues or key developments. Paper submissions are welcome for any of the general symposium topics or any of the specific topical sessions. The Society plans to include coverage of every aspect of display technology and applications, especially the emergence of Wearable and Vehicle Displays. Special attention will also be given to all aspects of novel input technologies for displays. Papers are solicited in all aspects of motion-image technology, including device technology (LCD, OLED, projector, etc.) and related system technology. Papers are also solicited in the area of technology development that enables lower-power-consumption and higherperformance display devices for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, e-books, etc.).