Young Leadership Conference

Display Week 2024


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Monday, May 13, Room 220B 3PM

The Young Leadership Conference at Display Week, a platform to recognize and promote distinguished young talent in the display industry, will be held Monday, May 13, from 3 to 5 pm. Student presenters whose papers have been chosen for the Display Week symposium will present their findings in a special, pre-symposium format designed to provide exposure for young scientists. 



Time: 3:00 PM


A Universal High-Resolution Patterning Technology for Quantum Dot Color Converters in Micro-LED Displays


John Leo Velpugonda, University of Washington


The authors report a photolithography-based technology for patterning quantum-dot color converters for microLED displays. A patterning resolution of ~1 µm is achieved. The method can be applied to any color converter materials. Integration of perovskite quantum dots and CdSe/ZnS quantum dots is demonstrated to show the versatility of the technology.


Time: 3:20 PM


Efficient and Stable Red Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diode with Modified ZnMgO Nanoparticles

Xiangwei Qu, Southern University of Science and Technology


Modification of the ZnMgO nanoparticles with the thiol ligand can improve the efficiency and stability of QLED at the same time. It is shown that the maximum external quantum efficiency of QLED is improved from 18.6% to 26.0%, accompanied by enhanced voltage sweep stability. This is therefore a practical method to enhance the performance of QLED.


Time: 3:40 PM


Multispectral Pancharatnam-Berry Phase Liquid Crystal Lens and its Application in AR Displays

Xiaojin Huang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


APancharatnam-Berry (PB) phase liquid-crystal (LC) lenses show attractive benefits in optical systems because of their high efficiency, compact size, and polarization-dependent behavior. However, chromatic dispersion limits the application in broadband optical systems. A multispectral PB LC lens design is proposed, fabricated, and characterized. Results show the capability to focus different wavelengths at the same distance.



Time: 4:00 PM


A Novel Free-Form, High Contrast Emissive Projection Display and Vehicle Applications

Minghua Zhu, Sun Innovations Inc.


A high-contrast emissive projection display (EPD) on black screen is developed using a set of RGB emissive nanomaterials that can be selectively excited by digital projection. The new photoluminescent display enables a scalable and freeform emissive display onto any vehicle interior surface, without covering the original surface.


Time: 4:20 PM


Enhanced Thermal Stability and High Color Accuracy in GaN-on-GaN Homoepitaxy Micro-LEDs

Zichun Li, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


MicroLED displays promise significant visual benefits over existing display technologies. Current density and temperature effects on the emission spectra of microLEDs made on GaN and sapphire substrates are compared. Specifically, the luminance degradation at higher temperature is reported. A clear advantage is reported for GaN substrates over sapphire substrates.






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