Display Week 2024 Keynote Presentations

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Grand Ballroom 220A

Please join us in welcoming the Display Week 2024 Keynote speakers: 2023 Nobel Laureate Moungi Bawendi, the Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry with MIT’s Department of Chemistry; Jason Hartlove, Vice President of Display and Optics at Meta; and Jun Zhao, Chief Executive Officer of TCL CSOT.

Nikhil Balram
Display Week 2024 Keynote Chair


Quantum Magic in Quantum Dots: A Synthesis Unlocks a Journey of Nano-Explorations

May 14, 8:35 am

Moungi Bawendi

Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry
MIT Department of Chemistry



This talk will cover the origin story of the quantum dots that are now ubiquitous in display applications. Key advances in properties and synthesis will be highlighted, followed by an overview of current and future applications including for displays, bio-imaging, light sensing, and quantum optics.


Moungi Bawendi is one of the initial developers of the field of colloidal quantum dots. He has followed an interdisciplinary research program that has probed the science and technology of chemically synthesized nanostructures. This work has advanced both the fundamental studies of nanomaterials as well as their applications. Bawendi's laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has pioneered the synthesis of high-quality quantum dots, and developed novel tools for the applications of nanomaterials for light emission, photodetection, spectral sensing, solar energy harvesting, and bio-imaging. His group has pioneered novel tools for the spectroscopy of single nanostructures as well as for in-vivo imaging. Bawendi’s studies have included: (1) the development of methods for synthesizing, characterizing, and processing quantum dots, magnetic nanoparticles, and J-aggregates, (2) the study of the fundamental optical and magnetic properties of nanostructures using a variety of spectroscopic methods, including the development of photon correlation tools to study single nanoscopic emitters, (3) incorporating quantum dots, magnetic particles, J-aggregates, and thin-film materials into optical and opto-electronic device structures, and (4) developing optical tools and probes, including nanoparticles and other imaging agents, for biomedical imaging. Bawendi received his AB in 1982 from Harvard University and his PhD in 1988 from the University of Chicago. This was followed by two years of postdoctoral research at Bell Laboratories, working with Louis Brus, where he began his studies on nanomaterials. Bawendi joined the faculty at MIT in 1990, becoming associate professor in 1995 and professor in 1996. Bawendi is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a member of the US National Academy of Sciences. He is a co-laureate of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

New Realities: Opportunities and Challenges for Display in AR and MR 

May 14, 9:10 am

Jason Hartlove

Vice President of Display and Optics 



A revolution in how we connect and interact with the digital realm is rapidly approaching, enabled by the prolific rise of AI and the miniaturization of displays, sensors, and optical systems. In this talk, Jason Hartlove will take us on a journey to look into this near future and to examine the challenges and opportunities it presents for the display industry.  


Jason Hartlove is Meta’s vice president of display and optics. He is responsible for delivering complete display systems for Meta’s next generation of augmented-reality products, which blend the real and virtual worlds. He leads a cross-functional global organization within Reality Labs, comprising teams specializing in perceptual image science, image processing, semiconductors, light engines, optics, waveguides, sensors, prescription lenses, and novel process technologies including additive manufacturing.

A technology executive with more than 35 years of experience introducing optical systems and technologies to market, Hartlove was most recently CEO of Nanosys, where he pioneered quantum-dot technology for displays, shipping 60 million units across 800 consumer and IT SKUs, leading to acquisition by Shoei Chemical. Previously, he led product development teams at Hewlett Packard, was vice president of Agilent’s CMOS image sensor solutions unit, and was a founding executive vice president at MagnaChip Semiconductor, focusing on display driver ICs and CMOS image sensors, setting the company on a successful path to IPO.

Hartlove received SID’s David Sarnoff Prize in 2023, and the Bill Hewlett Award in 2005 while at Agilent Technologies. He is a prolific inventor named on more than 100 patents, including the multibillion-selling optical mouse. He holds a BSEE from UCLA and lives in the Bay Area with his wife and twin sons. 


Beyond Pixels, Innovative Displays Leading the Future

May 14, 9:45 am

Jun Zhao

Chief Executive Officer


The continuous evolution of display technology has gradually shifted the focus toward competition in specs and indicators, often neglecting to deliver superior user experience to consumers. TCL CSOT advocates for a human-centric approach, starting from consumers’ perceptual experiences, aiming to deliver excellent visual experience while prioritizing visual health and sustainable development. With its globally exclusive leading OLED/QLED printing technology, TCL CSOT will elaborate on the key breakthroughs of IJP OLED/QLED in this keynote speech. TCL firmly believes that the new display technology will lead the future of displays, bringing consumers exceptional user experiences.


Jun Zhao holds a masters in chemical engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University. In 1997, Zhao entered the display panel industry. In 2018, he joined Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., serving as the general manager and director of the board. Since 2023, he has served as the chief executive officer at TCL CSOT Co., Ltd. (TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology). Zhao has profound experience in quality assurance, supplier chain management, and overall corporate operations, and has led the company through various market challenges. TCL CSOT provides a comprehensive display portfolio, including TV, commercial display, IT, mobile, vehicle, and XR display. Simultaneously, Zhao has strategically positioned the company in the global market with a focus on cutting-edge inkjet printing of OLED/QLED. With his extraordinary leadership, the company has established an exclusive world-leading OLED/QLED inket printing production line to fulfill a breakthrough in key aspects of this technology.

Luncheon Speaker

Wednesday May 15, 12:00 pm

Grand Ballroom 220A



Painting with Light: Revolutionizing Color with Quantum Pigments


Olga Alexopoulou


For at least 64,000 years humans have been passionate about creating pigments to decorate their surroundings and express their inner world. From using soot to decorate caves to the height of the Renaissance where a blue that was mined in the ancient queries of Afghanistan cost more than gold, pigments have been intrinsic to the human experience. Now we are finally able to harness the extraordinary power of quantum confinement to create the pigments of the future: quantum pigments.


Olga Alexopoulou is a painter and her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums from Tokyo to New York. She was born in Athens and studied at the Ruskin School of Art at Oxford University. In 2018, she created a new pigment called Quantum Blue with a small team of scientists at Berkeley Lab in California. Now she is the head of color at Quantum Light, the only company in the world that specializes in quantum pigments.