2013 EXHIBITORS’ FORUM Presentations

3M Touch Systems

AGC Asahi Glass

Cima Nanotech

E Ink


EMD Chemicals

Fraunhofer COMEDD


Kogakuin Univeristy

Merck KGaA



Radiant Zemax

SeeFront GmbH

Solomon Systech

Tannas Electronic Displays

Touch International


Westboro Photonics

Zeon Chemicals




Tuesday, May 21 / 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm / Exhibit Hall B


Wide Color Gamut Displays Are Here: What's Next?


J. Chen
Palo Alto, CA
Booth 1323

Cost-effective high-efficiency wide-color-gamut displays are here for form factors from smartphones to TVs. This presentation includes an overview of the technologies driving this trend, new metrics that quantify the impact of color on perceived quality, and a look at how content is evolving to support this trend.


Ultra-Low-Power Paper-Like Displays


Jenn Vail, Senior Marketing Manager
E Ink Corp
Cambridge, MA
Booth 1215

In the past 3 years, the eReader industry has grown rapidly, and E Ink's e-Paper displays have become the defacto standard in this industry. E Ink's e-Paper displays are also making a major impact on several other industries in applications beyond eBooks. E Ink's displays are used in mobile phones, smart cards, shelf labels, battery and memory devices, and large-area signs. E Ink will showcase several examples of e-Paper products, in both demo form as well as end devices, as well as next-generation display technologies.


New Subpixel-Structured OLED Microdisplay


Rigo Herold
Fraunhofer COMEDD
Dresden, Germany
Booth 1209

New products, e.g., data glasses and camera viewfinders, demand highly efficient colored OLED microdisplays. Technology approaches and samples of colored high-brightness OLED microdisplays will be presented. These approaches enable the production of low-power and high-brightness mobile display devices.


Excellent Display Solutions for Smartphones and Tablets


Lee Cheung Fai
Solomon Systech Limited
Hong Kong
Booth 300

Today, smartphones and tablets have dominated the portable-device market. The display architecture for these smart devices needs to incorporate multiple functions, including the ability to support higher display resolution to run with high-speed data interface, to integrate different touch features, etc., while also being cost effective and be able to support different panel technologies. The presentation aims to demonstrate the system architecture and technologies that help to fulfill these requirements.


How to Resize LCDs for Fun and Profit


Larry Tannas, President
Tannas Electronic Displays, Inc.
Orange, CA, USA
Booth 817

Initially, it was considered impossible and, if possible, not cost effective to literally cut a perfectly good LCD to a smaller size and expect to preserve the exact same performance. The presentation will tell you how it is done, why it is necessary, and how you can participate. Resizing LCDs is more than a novelty. It is cost effective and the only economical way to satisfy a significant part of the digital signage market. Resizing is a new enabler.


No Glasses, Please! An introduction to SeeFront’s Autostereoscopic Display Technology


Christoph Grossmann, CEO
SeeFront GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
Booth 916

SeeFront 3D Technology enables users to see natural, brilliant three-dimensional images without any additional eyewear. The principles and advantages of the patented technology for single-user 3D displays will be presented. SeeFront’s first hardware product, a 23-in. glasses-free 3D display, will be launched at Display Week.


isishape HiperEtch® - Structuring Solutions for Displays


Robert S. Miller, Senior Business Manager, LC and Emerging Technologies
EMD Millipore (dba EMD Chemicals) a Subsidiary of Merck KGaA
Waltham, MA, USA
Booth 821

isishape HiperEtch® products from EMD can structure anti-reflective coatings, passivation layers, and transparent conductive materials for displays and related applications. The concept allows low material consumption, short structuring times, and easy cleaning. Its main uses are in the production of touch screens and flexible displays, as well as EL backlights and OLEDs.





Tuesday, May 21 / 3:45 – 5:15 pm / Exhibit Hall B


User's Guide to Large-Format PCAP Displays


Keith Loop, PCAP Displays Product Marketing Manager
3M Touch Systems
Methuen, MA
Booth 901

Leveraging years of experience in developing and building large-format multi-touch PCAP displays ranging from 32 to 84 in., this presentation will outline the guidelines for bringing these high-performance displays to market and review market trends, user preferences, technical difficulties, and successful implementations for large-format PCAP displays.


The Right Touch: Why It's So Important


Ryan Humpreys, VP Sales
Elmhurst, IL
Booth 326

This presentation will reveal the real needs and challenges that the durables market faces in delivering the “right” touch solution by profiling the experience of several durable goods OEMs and will demonstrate how UICO closes the gap for many of these companies and helps them grow market share and even expand into new markets.


PCAP Design Considerations for Outdoor and Marine Applications


Michael Harris, Product Manager
Dallas, TX
Booth 1221

External factors such as glare, sunlight readability, weather conditions, water, and debris need to be taken into consideration when designing a touch panel for outdoor use. Marine applications and extreme environments are challenging environments for PCAP touch applications, and specific materials will need to be utilized for optimum performance.


Touch on the "WoW" Factor: Weird or Wacky


Michael Woolstrum, CEO
Touch International
Austin, TX
Booth 1235

Touch International has the capabilities to tackle some of the most rigorous and unique specifications required by specialized markets today. The challenges and why TI is considered the "Subway" of touch-screen and display-enhancement manufacturers will be described.


Cima NanoTech's SANTE Touch Films for Faster-Response Lower-Cost Large-Format Touch Modules


David Bordui, Managing Director
Cima NanoTech Pte., Ltd.
Booth 1131

Cima NanoTech introduces SANTE™ touch films, a transparent conductive film using our patented self-aligning silver nano-particle network. SANTE™ films have high transparency and ultra-low resistance enabling faster-response multi-touch systems for large-format displays. This technology reduces the overall cost of the touch module through cost savings on IC chips, materials, and processing.


ZeonorFilm Optical Films for Film-Gased Touch Sensors


B. Cail, VP, New Business Development
Zeon Chemicals
Lexington, KY
Booth 202

ZEON will highlight technical features of its optical film for touch-sensor constructions. Whereas film-based sensors using PET suffer from rainbow (birefringence), ZeonorFilm enables premium optical performance without the weight and thickness of a glass sensor. Technical data comparing ZeonorFilm vs. conventional projected-capacitance touch-sensor constructions will be reviewed.


Wednesday, May 22 / 9:15 – 10:30 am / Exhibit Hall B


Slot Die Coating for Solution-Processed OLEDs Applications


Miguel Fridrich, VP Sales & Marketing
Dallas, TX
Booth 641

nTact is a renowned pioneer of Slot Die Coating for microelectronics applications. The company has broadened its product portfolio by adapting their proprietary coating method to meet the needs of emerging markets such as the organic LED market. To address the challenges associated with OLED applications, nTact introduced products which are fully compatible with inert gas environments and capable of depositing highly uniform, submicron layers of solution-processed organic films. nTact offers products which allow researchers to develop a process on an affordable R&D platform, while providing a direct, scalable path to large-area substrates and high yields in a volume manufacturing environment.


Improving OLED-Display Yield and Appearance with Imaging Colorimetry


Allen Henley, Product Manager
Radiant Zemax
Redmond, WA
Booth 844

Technology differences between OLED displays and LCDs require different testing approaches. How imaging colorimetry systems can accurately measure OLED-display performance and even correct large display appearance, improve yields, and reduce production cost will be described.


How McScience Can Contribute to the OLED-Display Industry


Chul Oh Yoon, CEO
McScience, Inc.
Suwon, Korea
Booth 723

McScience is a leading developer and manufacturer of test, measurement, and inspection systems for the display industry (mainly focused on OLED technology). In this presentation, cooperation with global OLED-display leaders and how R&D and manufacturing capabilities can be improved by using systems such as the Lifetime Test System, the Transient EL/PL System, the TOF Measurement System, the Display Test System, etc., will be described.


XSCope: Microdisplay and Display Pixel Structures Optical Evaluation


Luc Margerie
St. Herouville, France
Booth 1115

ELDIM is announcing its new XSCope products family. XSCope is an innovative video colorimeter with an ultra-large field of view and high magnification. Owing to its custom-designed objective, a spatial resolution down to 1.5 µm over a surface area of 1 cm² can be achieved. Possible applications include microdisplay inspection, detailed pixel sub-structure studies, LED die inspection, and any photometry application down to the micrometer scale.


A Diffuse Reflectance Sphere for Display Characterization


Tim Moggridge
Westboro Photonics
Ontario, Canada
Booth 1303

Westboro Photonics will introduce a novel integrating sphere to measure the diffuse reflection properties of displays according to the IDMS 11.2. While other designs allow one or two fixed angles of measurement, this apparatus facilitates diffuse reflection measurements at any angle greater than 5° with, or without, the specular component.



(10:30 - 10:45)


Wednesday, May 22 / 10:45 am–12:00 pm / Exhibit Hall B


AGC Glass Technology Solutions to High-Performance and Functional Display Requirements


Yukihiro Asano, General Manager, Display Glass Technology Center
Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan
Booth 329

The technology development for high-end display and value-added product as symbolized by smartphones, tablet PCs, and OLED displays has been continuously required in the current market. Glass has been also expected to be higher performance and/or multifunctional in order to realize new product. This presentation shows glass material and glass-related technology to realize the function expected by market. AGC provides the total solution to high performance and functional display requirements including process performance.


Legal Compliance of Displays: Update of RoHS 2.0 and REACH SVHC


Werner Becker, Senior Director, Performance Material Div.
Merck KGaA
Darmstadt, Germany
Booth 821

Electronic displays are subjected to several regulations. Widely established is the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive, whereas the candidate list of “Substances of Very High Concern” (SVHC) under REACH is increasing constantly. In this presentation, RoHS 2.0 will be reviewed, recent updates of SVHCs will be discussed, and the impact on display materials will be described.


High-Data-Rate/Low-Cost Graphics Transmission


Gregory Young
Austin, TX
Booth 934

A frequency and time-domain performance comparison of an extruded/laminated flat flexible circuits (FFC) construction that for a 0.5-mm pitch provides a 100-W differential Impedance characteristic, and a metallized shield layer maintains controlled impedance through the transmission pathway vs. a micro-coaxial (SGC40, 42.5 W) cable construction. This single-side shielded FFC construction and non-shielded FPC on 0.3-mm-pitch construction, when mated to I-PEX FFC/FPC shielded and unshielded connectors, will be compared to determine their level of performance at high data rates used for high-resolution displays compared to the SGC Grounding Bar construction known to be a higher-cost flexible cable with clean and quiet performance to very-high-data-rate transmissions.


Real-Time Up-Converter from HDTV to 4K with Super-High Resolution


Seiichi Goshi
Kogakuin University
Tokyo, Japan
Booth 647

The real time up-conversion from high-definition television (HDTV) to 4K with novel super-resolution(SR) creates 4K video with frequency elements higher than the Nyquist frequency of the original HDTV video.


HD Expansion to 4K and Super-Resolution


Seiichi Goshi
Kogakuin University
Tokyo, Japan
Booth 647

The FE series up-converter makes HD video signal as a 4K video signal using newly invented technology that expands beyond the Nyquist frequency. With this converter, millions of HD content stocks may be used as 4K video content.