Sponsorship Opportunities

Does your company wish to upgrade its presence during Display Week? Do you want to ensure that your company is recognized at multiple places within the Display Week venue? The premier way to promote your brand is to become an official sponsor at Display Week 2012. Many sponsorship opportunities are available, and can be tailored to fit your specific needs.  Contact Christine von Steiger by email christine@sid.org or phone 1(413) 783-0473.

We have sponsorships to fit all preferences: food and beverage, overall branding, giveaways and advertising.

Exhibit Hall Staircase Graphics $25,000 for all 4 sets of stairs

Leading down to the exhibit hall are 2 escalators, flanked by stairs on the right and left. Your graphics can be applied to the front of the stairs. There are a total of 4 sets of stairs. This is a great way to make sure that all attendees see your company name over and over.

Escalator Logo Placement $18,000 per set of escalators:  2 opportunities

As attendees come and go on the main escalator and lobby escalator, your logo will be immediately in their sights for the duration of Display Week. Placed on a runner located between the 2 escalators, your brand will receive unparalleled exposure at Display Week 2012.

Annual Awards Luncheon $12,000

The Display of the Year and Best in Show Awards will be presented at this event. The Display Week 2012 Annual Luncheon will take place at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, June 6. The sponsor will receive recognition from the President of SID and will have the opportunity to place literature on the chairs of all luncheon attendees. A banner will be placed in the luncheon room to recognize the sponsoring company.

Aisle Sign Sponsorship $12,000 for all signs within the exhibit hall -SOLD

Every attendee walking through the exhibit hall will see your company name on the aisle signs listing the booth numbers in that aisle. The signs are double-sided and are 2 feet high x 5 feet wide. Each aisle will have 2 signs, for a total of 18 signs. This is one of the most visible sponsorships we offer. Attendees and exhibitors will see your logo all day long. NOTE: Artwork for this sponsorship is due March 15, so don't delay!

Twitter Towers  $12,000

When you sponsor the Twitter Towers, your logo will be seen at the bottom of the screen by all attendees every time they check out the Display Week 2012 tweets. Everyone reads the scrolling Twitter feeds to find out what is going on at Display Week. This is a great way to associate your company with cutting-edge technology and have your name seen countless times during Display Week. We will have 3 Twitter Towers strategically placed throughout the Convention Center.

Water Coolers $6,000

Posters will identify your company as a water cooler sponsor throughout the Exhibit Hall. You can add cups or napkins with your logo on them to further promote your brand.

 Media Lunches $7,700 - still available  (Media Breakfasts $5,200 -SOLD)

The international media that attend Display Week know that the SID Press Room provides food and snacks for the press. Your company can get its message out to a captive (and hungry) media audience by sponsoring one of the media breakfasts or lunches at Display Week 2012. During your sponsored function, your company can make a 30-minute presentation regarding new products or anything else you wish to discuss with the media. We will help you promote your sponsorship of media meals via our media distribution list. Breakfast sponsorships are available Wednesday and Thursday, June 6 and 7; lunch sponsorships are available Tuesday and Thursday, June 5 and 7.

North Lobby Column Logo Wrap $5,500 per Column

There are 4 columns in the North Lobby that all attendees will pass by as they walk from the exterior entrance to the registration area, sessions and exhibit hall. This is a fantastic location for your logo to be seen by all attendees throughout the week.

Attendee Pens $5,000

Place your logo on the pen that will be inserted into the tote bags of the 3000+ technical session attendees. Attendees take notes constantly during Display Week; this sponsorship opportunity puts your brand directly in their hands.

Exhibit Guide Belly Band $4,500

Take advantage of this opportunity to expose your brand to all SID attendees as they head into the Display Week 2012 exhibition. A belly band with your corporate identity will be wrapped around the outside of the official Display Week 2012 Exhibit Guide, meaning that anyone who picks up one will instantly read about your company. There is only one belly band sponsorship opportunity, so don't delay!

Exhibit Hall Escalator Landing Logo Floor Stickers $4,000 for 2 stickers

Place your logo on a floor sticker at the top of the escalators leading down to the exhibit hall. This is a cost-effective way to get great coverage at Display Week.

Hand-Sanitizer Stations $4,000 per station

They are increasingly popular and everyone will be looking for them - sanitizing stations. SID is proud to introduce this bold, new sponsorship opportunity to exhibitors. These stations will be prominently placed throughout the hall, and SID will thank your company on signage at the stations. Your company provides the artwork to SID, and SID provides and installs the stations with unlimited sanitizer.

Banners $3,000

As attendees enter the front of the Convention Center (at taxi drop off), they will view your banner in the lobby. We will work with you to display your banner where it is sure to grab the attention of all attendees. These banners are double-sided, and size and placement must meet the approval of our show manager, Christine von Steiger. This sponsorship is available to more than one company. (NOTE: SID can produce the banner for an additional charge. A 5 x 10 foot double-sided banner will cost $2,200 to produce.)

Hotel Room Drop $2,600

Your company can participate in the hotel room drop, ensuring that your promotional literature gets delivered to attendees before they arrive at the Convention Center. Your company's material will be delivered directly to the room of each SID attendee staying in the official SID block hotels. This $2,600 fee is per item; hotel delivery charges are additional.

Display Week 2012 Tote Bag Novelty Item $2,500

To ensure that your corporate identity has staying power, sponsor a novelty item that will be placed in the official Display Week 2012 Tote Bag. The tote bag will be distributed to every person who attends the technical sessions, so calendars, stress balls, key chains or any other item with your logo on it will keep your brand name at the fingertips of the 3,000+ expected attendees at the technical sessions. You may supply your own product subject to SID approval, or we can produce the item for you for an additional charge.

Official Display Week 2012 Tote Bag $850

Always in high demand, the official SID Tote Bag is distributed to each of the 3,000+ expected attendees at the Display Week 2012 technical sessions. As a Tote Bag sponsor, your logo will be printed on one side of each bag, giving your company tremendous exposure and identifying you as a proud sponsor of Display Week 2012, both during the conference and afterwards. Deadline: February 20, 2012.

Free-standing Panel $900/double-sided sign

This year we are also offering double-sided panel signs, which are free-standing. They are 38 inches wide x 84 inches high, with a printable area of 38 inches wide x 78 inches high. There is a 6-inch tall base. These signs will be placed in the sky bridge above the exhibit hall. Attendees take the sky bridge to get from one side of the building to the other.

Exhibit Guide Advertisements:  Call for Pricing (1/2- and full-page ads available)

Attendees consult Display Week's Exhibit Guide time and again throughout the week. An advertisement in the Exhibit Guide enables your company to stand out from the rest.

Your Suggestions

We welcome your suggestions for other potential sponsorships at Display Week 2012. Our goal is to help your company achieve optimal exposure to both attendees and other exhibitors. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas.


Christine von Steiger
Phone: (413) 783-0473

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