Focus on Green Technologies


This year’s special topics of interest are 3D, Green Technologies, Solid-State Lighting, and Flexible Electronics and Printed Displays.  Attendees at Display Week 2012 will be given the opportunity to attain a comprehensive learning experience in these special topics of interest by listening to presentations during the four-day technical symposium, attending the Sunday Short Courses and Monday Seminars, and getting a business perspective from the Business and Investors Conferences and the Market Focus Conferences.


Green Technologies

Display technology continually advances to provide more resolution, larger size, and better performance – all at a lower cost. At the same time, environmental, social, and legislative forces are combining to ensure that manufacturers use the greenest-possible processes to create the most energy-efficient displays. What are the anticipated production and end-of-life issues for the display industry and how can they be addressed?


This year's symposium includes the following sessions:


  • Driving Methods for Low-Power Displays

  • Low-Power Displays and Materials

  • Green Optics for Display Systems

  • Display Manufacturing: Novel Devices & Green Technology

  • Driving Methods for Low-Power Displays