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  Canada Customs has created special arrangements to afford tradeshow participants a simple and streamlined method to ship exhibit materials into and out of Canada. Tradeshow shipments are considered low risk compared to regular shipments, which is why the following Canada Customs initiatives were created as follows:

Customs Privileges
SID will apply and be granted the most favorable customs status, which allows for:
On-site Customs Clearance privileges so goods will be cleared directly at the Vancouver Convention Centre
Duty & Tax Free Importation for return shipments allows for all exhibit and display materials to enter duty and tax free, provided they do not remain in Canada after the 2013 SID event.

Customs Provider
SID has enlisted the expertise of GES Customs Service to provide all exhibitors personalized service to assist them with their customs and shipping needs. You can expect to be:

  • Contacted to guide you through every step of the process
  • Assist you with any documents you may need to complete
  • Consult you on the most economical and efficient mode of transport
  • Clear your goods on-site at the Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Be on-site to personally assist you with all your customs and logistics needs
  • Clear your return goods back to origin

Vancouver and GES look forward to hosting you in 2013.

Additional information is available or we will contact you upon request.

Contact: Ray Debono
Tel: 1(877) 437-4247 or 1(905) 283-0573
Fax: 1(905) 283-0501