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The annual Best in Show and Display Industry Awards Luncheon will take place at noon on Wednesday, May 22.
Speaker topic: When Vision Science Met Information Display
Speaker: Ronald A. Rensink
Departments of Computer Science and Psychology
University of British Columbia

Leaders of the industry will be present as peer-reviewed awards are presented for:

The Best in Show Awards: The Best in Show award is intended to honor the most significant advances in display technology and systems, products, prototypes, and manufacturing processes presented by exhibitors during Display Week. This competition will be open to all exhibitors on the show floor during Display Week 2013. Prizes will be awarded in the three categories of small, medium, and large exhibits. This will allow exhibitors of all sizes to compete for the prizes. Self-nominations are encouraged. The criteria for judgement are:

  1. Timeliness and significance to the display industry of the products, prototypes, processes, and technologies exhibited
  2. Creative use of audio, visual, or other effects to present and highlight the new material

The Display Industry Awards: Each year, SID awards Gold and Silver Display of the Year Awards in three categories: Display of the Year, Display Application of the Year, and Display Component of the Year. These apply to products on sale within the previous calendar year, industry-wide whether they are being shown at Display Week or not. Self-nominations are encouraged!

Award winners will have the opportunity to have their Display Week show floor interview videos by SID's PR firm MCA included on the SID YouTube channel, as well as!