Display Week 2022 Keynote Presentations

This year, we are pleased to welcome three keynote speakers to Display Week 2022 in San Jose, which is back to an in-person format after two years in the virtual environment. All three are senior executives from companies that are key players in the display industry, and all three will discuss, from different perspectives, the necessity of innovation and evolution in display development. We look forward to hearing their inspiring predictions and recommendations. 

Ruiqing (Ray) Ma
Display Week 2022 General Chair

The New Normal and Displays

May 10, 8:35 am

Soo-Young Yoon

Executive Vice President and CTO 
LG Display Co., Ltd.


OLED technology has already integrated itself into our daily lives in smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and TVs. With recent environmental changes creating a “new normal,” OLED is demonstrating copious potential for growth, as it supports high-performance content and has advantages for natural reality, new form factors, eye comfort, and eco-friendliness. We introduce innovative technologies and R&D directions for OLED and various next-generation displays. In addition, we discuss emerging opportunities for the display industry and the role of displays in the era of the new normal.


 Soo-Young Yoon is executive vice president and chief technology officer of LG Display. He is responsible for the development of next-generation displays as well as OLED technology. Since joining LG Display in 2002, Yoon has led the development of various innovative technologies. In 2007, he developed the GIP technology that embeds semiconductor integrated circuits into a display panel, which is currently applied as a standard to reduce the cost and bezel size of displays. As director of LG Display’s OLED Research Division (2011-2014) and laboratory (2015-2020), he contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of OLED through the development of OLED technologies such as flexible, transparent, 8K, and rollable. He presented a blueprint for the future of OLED by successfully completing the 77-in. transparent flexible OLED national project in 2017. He received his Ph.D. in physics from Hanyang University in 1999, and afterward worked as a researcher at Philips, UK.

Displays for AR/VR: Challenges and Trends

May 10, 9:10 am

Joe O’Keeffe

VP of Display and Optics 
Meta Reality Labs



Until now the display technologies used in VR systems have been an extrapolation of the technologies developed for smartphones. This has whet our appetites for what VR can be, with interesting experiences, but involving bulky, uncomfortable, and unattractive monstrosities on our heads. If we believe in the VR vision of enabling the workplace of the future and full virtual presence, we need to move VR display technology to the next level and drive innovation beyond the smartphone baseline. This vision of AR is even more challenging. Full augmented reality requires more aggressive and innovative display technologies that enable full immersive experiences in all-day wearable form factors that support the weight and fashion thresholds of today’s top-end eyeware. In this talk I will outline the technology trade spaces that can offer solutions for both AR and VR displays, review the latest technology trends, and suggest opportunities that the industry can offer to companies, like Meta, that are leading the effort to find solutions to these technology challenges


Joe O’Keeffe is VP of display and optics at Meta Reality Labs, where his team is responsible for all display and optics-related technology development and productization for Facebook’s AR, VR, and Portal products. O’Keeffe, a serial entrepreneur, founded and was CEO of InfiniLED, an innovator of uLED display technology, which Facebook acquired in 2016. He was also the founder and CEO of SensL, an innovator of SiPM sensor technology for LiDAR and PET scanning (acquired by ON Semi in 2017) and the founder and CEO of EnBIO, an innovator of metal coating technology for space and medical applications. His career also includes stints as managing director of the European arm of Inflow, a U.S.-based data center/IT managed-services company and as business development manager with Motorola in Russia, where he was responsible for Motorola's first manufacturing operation in Eastern Europe.

Empowering IoT with Displays — the Future and the Pathways

May 10, 9:45 am

Xu Xiaoguang

Chief Technology Officer 


In the internet of things (IoT) era, display has become the most important channel for the perception of all things. The diversification of lifestyles provides more possibility for displays. Accordingly, BOE proposes a development strategy of “Empowering IoT with Displays.” Meanwhile, developments in display technology are urgently demanded in diversified scenarios, and the display industry is facing new challenges. BOE always keeps the faith in terms of “respect for technology, persistence in innovation” and is dedicated to upgrading products with innovation. With LCD, OLED, MLED, and other display technologies, BOE can deliver customers’ premium experiences through optimized visual images and integrated functions for satisfying more scenarios. Meanwhile, BOE is pursuing advanced technology innovation, and we believe that future displays will create brand-new user experiences. We are devoted to shaping a more convenient, healthy, and fascinating lifestyle through continuing technology innovation, and we invite partners to join us in creating a bright future together.


Xu Xiaoguang graduated with a PhD in physical chemistry from Peking University and joined BOE in 2009. He was formerly in charge of the BOE Technology Strategy and International Cooperation Center and the chief strategy officer (CSO) of BOE, and now serves as chief technology officer (CTO) of the group. In addition, Xu is director of the Center of Technology Innovation for Display in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area and the director general of the Beijing Enterprise Technology Center Innovation Service League. As the group CTO of BOE, he has played a pivotal role in strategy formulation, global cooperation for technology sourcing, new display types, and advanced technology innovation, taking the lead of BOE in ceaselessly making breakthroughs and realizing technology advances worldwide.


The Future of Storytelling: Display Technology Requirements



Awards Luncheon Speaker

May 11, 12 pm 
Room 220A


Michael Zink


Vice President of Emerging & Creative Technologies 




Realtime rendering engines are driving the convergence of film/TV and gaming environments, expanding traditional linear storytelling into immersive interactive experiences. In the future, audiences will immerse themselves in story worlds all around them, all the time, and everywhere. Innovation in display technologies is at the core of this future. This presentation will outline a vision for potential applications and the requirements for display solutions that would provide the creative canvas to tell those stories.


As vice president of emerging & creative technologies at WarnerMedia, Michael Zink is responsible for exploring emerging technologies to enhance WarnerMedia’s storytelling capabilities across different platforms. This includes assessing the latest technologies, developing innovative experiences, and integrating new solutions into creative production workflows. Zink also participates in several industry associations, serving as president & chairman for the UHD Alliance, and education vice president for SMPTE. Prior to joining Warner Bros. in 2014, he worked at Technicolor for more than 10 years, most recently as vice president of technology strategy, where he was responsible for launching the production efforts around various new distribution formats, and adoption of Technicolor technology solutions within industry groups. Earlier in his career, he worked for several media production facilities in Germany.