SID 60th Anniversary

Welcome! Join us to celebrate SID's 60th anniversary, with  an exciting lineup of activities including contests and prizes, a special session on the history and future of display technology, and an evening reception that will be one of the week’s brightest events. We’ll look to bring our theme, “SID: Powering the Display Industry for 60 Years,” to life with special presentations that show how far and wide our industry has grown and the ways that SID has helped to enable that far-reaching success.

Thank you to our 60th anniversary sponsors, who share in our vision to support and advance our vital industry.












Wednesday, May 11


2 - 5:30 PM

Room LL21A


SID: Powering the Display Industry for 60 Years   

We are offering a special collection of presentations that look at the past, present, and future of our industry.  Bring your enthusiasm and imagination to this lively session, exploring where we have been and where we could be going in the next 60 years. See the session schedule below 






Wednesday, May 11


7 - 10 PM 

Regency 1 

Signia Hotel



SID 60th Anniversary Reception

Join us and our elite 60th Anniversary sponsors for a lively evening of food, drinks, live music, networking, and much more. Tickets are $50 per person. All tickets must be purchased through registration in advance of the event.


60th Anniversary Afternoon Session Schedule

2:00 pm

Opening Remarks and Introductions

Stephen Atwood
60th Anniversary Chair

2:05 pm

BOE’s Vision of the Future

Dr. Wenbao Gao, President                   

2:25 pm

SID Enabling the Industry

Tara Akhavan
 Faurecia IRYStec Inc.

2:30 pm

The Age of Computer Aided Reasoning and its Effect on our Tools and How We Will Work and Communicate

In this talk we will explore how AI is changing our tools and experiences and use examples in:
1) Telepresence: Shifting from optical tricks like in the Magic Window to computational techniques like eye contact, directed view, cinematic director, and super resolution.
2) Productivity: in areas of typing, inking, organizing, commanding, and search. As the computer is able to reason what you want, the job of pixels may shift; things will be less programmatic and input can be vague. However, what you get will be more automated and more accurate.

Steven Bathiche, Technical Fellow and CVP    

2:55 pm

Growth and Development of the Society for Information Display

Achin Bhowmik, Incoming SID President         
CTO, Starkey Hearing Technologies; Adjunct Professor, Stanford University 

3:05 pm

Forecasting the Future of the Display Industry

Ross Young, CEO         
Display Supply Chain Consultants

3:25 - 3:35 pm 

3:35 pm

Advancing the Future of Displays

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, has a long history with materials for displays, in close partnership with SID for more than 60 years. Johannes Canisius will explore our great adventure, starting from our foundation in liquid crystals and moving toward OLEDs, flexible displays, and many new exciting materials and applications in our industry. Join us to celebrate this exciting journey to the future of display. Advancing Display. Advancing Life.

Johannes Canisius 
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

4:00 pm

The Development of OLED – Retrospection and Outlook    

Ching Tang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Steven Van Slyke, CTO
Emeritus, Kateeva, Inc.; G. Rajeswaran, Grantwood Technologies, Inc. 

4:30 pm

SID Enabling the Industry

John Kymissis
Columbia University

4:35 pm

Electrophoretic Displays: From eReaders to Smart and Green Surfaces Everywhere

Electrophoretic displays started 25 years ago as the ideal display for reading books. In the mean-time the technology has advanced significantly, showing faster refresh rate, full-color and note taking capabilities, while keeping the ultra-low power and paper-like viewing experience. This has not only enabled tremendous growth in the eReader space, but also opened up new markets in retail, transportation, hospital care, automotive and many other segments. With this, the vision of Smart and Green surfaces everywhere is becoming a reality. 

Edzer Huitema     
E Ink

4:55 pm

SID Enabling the Industry

Helge Seetzen              
Tandem Launch

5:00 pm

Closing Remarks

Stephen Atwood            
60th Anniversary Chair